Hairpins Factory IzA

Hairgrips and hairpins

Hair clips

Hair decorations and wedding decorations


Mix colour - 500 pcs.New
Mix colour - 500 pcs. Code R5/MIX/500
0.98 EUR ex. tax
0.98 EUR incl. tax
Mix - 12 pcs.New
Mix - 12 pcs. Code R6/12/MIX
2.16 EUR ex. tax
2.16 EUR incl. tax
Mix colour - 3 pcs.New
Mix colour - 3 pcs. Code R7/MIX/3
0.47 EUR ex. tax
0.47 EUR incl. tax
Black - 500 pcs.New
Black - 500 pcs. Code R5/B/500
0.98 EUR ex. tax
0.98 EUR incl. tax


20 pcs.Bestseller
20 pcs. Code JA070/20
0.48 EUR ex. tax
0.48 EUR incl. tax
Mix 80 pcs.Bestseller
Mix 80 pcs. Code KBM/80
1.37 EUR ex. tax
1.37 EUR incl. tax
350g Code 004/350
7.20 EUR ex. tax
7.20 EUR incl. tax
12 pcs.Bestseller
12 pcs. Code 004/12
0.18 EUR ex. tax
0.18 EUR incl. tax

Iza Hairpins Factory

The hair pin factory was founded in 1928. Our company is the biggest producer of hair pins and hair grips in Poland.

Our offers also include other hair adornments and hairdressing accessories. As we are the only company in Poland with a high-tech production line for manufacturing these articles.

Cooperation with our company means: high quality products, prompt fulfilling of orders and attractive prices.

We look forward to cooperating with you!


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